Solid Black & Dark Pattered German Shepherds from Royalair.

One of the only sources in the US for large, old fashioned solid black & Dark patterned OFA certified German Shepherds.

This page is to detail my black & dark patterned German shepherds. I like the dark pattern and with that comes allot of solid black pups! I think I am pretty safe to say my blacks are probably the biggest Blacks available in the US. and possibly the only blacks with generations of OFA certified hips and elbows also with longevity in the lines.


black german shepherd

Brandy was my foundation female. She achieved a CDX obedience title She was 110 lbs and had OFA good hips and elbows. She was a long coated solid black

Brandy lived to be 12.5 years old.

huge solid black german shepherdThis was Brody next to my older daughter Jenny 5'5" at that time he was 32" at the shoulder and weighed a skinny 125 lbs- he eventually as an older dog weighed nearly 140 lbs- This is a son of brandy above. Brody died at only 8 but it was an overdose of medication he went in to be neutered and never woke up. which was common 20 years ago. neutering is safer today.

x-large black or bi color german shepherd

Click on Indy for more pics!

Indy is OFA Excellent on the hips and elbows. He is a Royalair stud that so far is the only male that is producing solid black and also produces bi colors and dark patterns..He will have two litters summer 2010 with dark or solid black patterns...He is a Big dog 29" 115 lbs and consistently produces bigger then him self, his dad is Kodiak Bear.


Big bi color black german shepherd puppy

This is Duke with my Hubby, who is 6'2 250lbs Duke is 5 months old in this picture he is hoped to be my new stud dog if all health clearances pass. He should produce solid black and dark patterns, his granddads are Kody and Silver Mark, grand mom is shadow so he carry's black and tan , black and red, black and silver and white and should carry solid black as well. He should mature 120 + and 30" + easily he is growing strong and sound.

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