..................................Royalair's Captain Cooper Sully .C.G.C..........................

Pen-hips(good), OFA-normal elbows ,DM normal (by parentage), at 18 months he is 29 inches and 118lbs too skinny lbs.

Cooper is a son of Faylene who is out of the great Falco and his dad is my sully who is out of My wonderful saber and Lucy all my lines for generations. Soft sweet lovable boy incredible in every way easy to train good hips and normal elbows to boot as well and DM normal and about as RED as a dog can get The consitancy of this breeding temoer size and look has been incredible. Picture below at 12 wks then at 7 months old then at 18 months..This boys got a head ! Both Parents are DM normal so Cooper is and Both parents and all four grandparents have certified hips and elbows.

Embark DNA..here


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Below he is standing over a 46 " gait...Just can see front paws and lovely head and eyes.

lovely deep mahogony red 90 lbs at just turning 8 months gonna have a montster head to and look at that heavy bone & striaght back



This is Oscar, coopers one year old full brother

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I am going through my websight removing birth dates ,because with that and AKC number some people have ben able to register litters and have done so, from my websight that are not out of my dogs ....sorry for the incovenience, but there are alot of disreputable GSD breeders out there.

test below is to see if he carries for plush/long coat (He does !, so depending on who he is bred to his puppies may have long coat or carry that gene.People seems to think this is a DM test it is not HE carries for coat He is DM normal and does not Carry For DM please see test description.. it is a TEST for COAT LENGTH. Both cooper's parents are DM normal so he is DM normal.




Cooper's pedigree he carries all my greats !



Was trying to find a conversion to the OFA equivalent, with no luck so here's what I came up with. Since we

are really only concerned with the normal range for the breed, Logically:0.250 to 0.397 = Excellent,

0.398 to 0.545 = Good, & 0.546 to 0.69 = Fair. Anything better than 0.249 is obviously rare right now, but

would be Superb if OFA were to go there. This scale ,will shift over time, hopefully toward the lower end of the scale, if breeders continue to persevere in the

efforts to improve this trait. Based on this data, I would consider a PennHIP score of 0.545 to be the absolute

highest to maintain the current status and 0.472 to shift the overall average lower. 0.42 falls below these