Rosehall's Dark Knight of Royalair C.G.C. (canine good citizen) AKA "DUKE"

OFA EXCELLENT, DM Normal/Normal, Cardiac Normal, MDR1 Normal/Normal can't get much better then that!

Duke stands 31.5 inches and now weighs a thin 131 lbs. 6 years of age.

This dog is very laid back and a joy to who ever meets him he is a grandson of mark and a great/great grandson of kody he also has shadow, Tina,lilly and sam in his lines. So he is all my lines and be a perfect cross back to silver mark and kody daughters and granddaughters. Hips were sent into OFA at one year and he pre limed "good" (Duke broke one elbow in two places at 5 months of age) but the other elbow looks very good:) This dog has a really big head!

Tested DM free & non carrier see tests at bottom of page. Video's at the bottom of the page.

Genetic longevity Parents /granparents/

Parents Both alive:  mom, Ester, 11/2004 lives with me,  active, healthy, still swims my 2 acre pond in cold weather when the mood strikes her.  Kody/Tina daughter

                         Dad,  Duke, 11/2007 lives with my daughter as a family dog, intact, sired a litter last year,  healthy enjoys hiking & other outdoor activities with his family.   Silver Mark/Shadow son

grand parents Shadow still alive, as of 2015 and doing well, Mark passed age 11.5, tina passed nearly 14, kody passed age 9 accident.


News Flash!!! Duke Just received OFA EXCELLENT !!! on his hips less the 5% of german shepherds receive an excellent!

DNA profile # V617360

permanent ID'd with microchip

Duke's Pedigree with pictures... at the very bottom, is a short video with duke in it at 16 months and shadow his grandmother at 7 years old.

Latest picture at Lake Wapello in Iowa.


Letter from VIP service dogs out of a duke/hazel child this is typical temper of a duke baby

Hi Robin

Taz is doing well and getting big. 30.7 pounds as 8/13 11 weeks old.
He has gone to 2 events and has been so good. Very laid back. He knows heel, sit , stay , come and most important leave it. He rides well in the car. Any age child can walk him as he so laid back and walks so well on a leash. He only needs one firm correction when he does something wrong and he stops and usually doesnt do it again.

Thank you for the refferal on service dogs. I have given your name out several times at the events as people just love Taz

Thanks again for the wonderful puppy

V.I.P Service Dog Foundation



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large german shepherd puppy

Still very much a a puppy face at 9 month old.. started his shed out last two pics, so his hair coat is not at as nice.



big german shepherd

Duke at four playing with my daughter.

very large german  shepherds


Duke at five years below this photo show how tall this dog is at 5 is now nearly 32"


duke at 5 very tall german shepherds fpr sale

Duke at 6 years old below on a camping trip

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duke at four below in the cart kind of shows the versatility of this dog

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Warning on OFA(hips and elbows)there are Many Large old Fashioned breeders that say they OFA and They do not! if you don't see the Certificate or the number on the websight Do not believe it ! I have even seen one person use a DM certficate and call it an OFA Certification ! be very careful very few old time breeders actually do OFA! Sadley I believe around 50% say they OFA and do not ..Do you want to buy from a breeder who lies about OFA right on their websight? I certainly would'nt.....


cardiac testsed gsd's

dm testsed german shepherds





vet certified weight taken at 1 year of age below he's about 10 -15 lbs heavier now

very large german shepherds stud dog

Dear Robin (letter and picture from duke's older full brother)
just wanted to send you an update on our Jackson
doesn't my jackson look like Duke? he is from rosehall emily roberts all your lines polly /duke 2008 litter
he is 140 pounds today 30 inches high and he is fantastic. we so love him and everyone is so impressed by him
he is protective and yet gentle, smart and fun, and so laid back.....all around great dog.
happy holidays IRena

straight backed german shepherd

140 lb german shepherd

same male and letter when duke brother was almost four

huge german shepherd..Jackson. Polly duke. Your lines almost four. Best dog ever. 32 height. 150 lean pounds. Calm smart loving fun. Looks like duke.

video of Duke at 16 months old..................................................................................................Duke playing with morkie.. 2lbs to 125lbs gentle man :)


2/21/2014 MDR1 - 39403
Robin Krumm Grinnell, IA

Identification Number:
Submission Type: Brush
Dog Name: Duke
Dog Breed: German Shepherd
Test Result: Normal/Normal
Explanation of test results
These dogs do not carry the mutation, and will not pass on the mutation to their offspring. These dogs would not be expected to experience unexpected adverse drug reactions to normal doses of ivermectin, loperamide (Imodium®), and some anticancer drugs.
These dogs carry the mutation and can not pass on a normal gene to their offspring. These dogs would be expected to experience toxicity after normal doses of loperamide (Imodium®), some anticancer drugs, and high doses of ivermectin (greater than 50 micrograms per kilogram).
These dogs carry the mutation and may pass on the mutant gene to their offspring. These dogs may experience toxicity after normal doses of loperamide (Imodium®), some anticancer drugs, and high doses of ivermectin (greater than 50 micrograms per kilogram).
A current list of problem drugs for dogs with the MDR1 mutation may be found at this web address:
Neal Burke
Neal Burke Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory Manager




Pictures of duke at just over two years old..


Photo's of duke taken at just over two years below. Yes he is a really bog dog! Melissa 87lbs Duke is now a skinny 128 lbs. at two.


DUKE SONS TWO OF MANY JUST LIKE HIM HE PRODUCES HIMSELF ! And with these two Both are BIGGER look at those heads !

Huge GSD

duke son


big long coat shepherd


Video of duke at 26 months




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