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Please note of your just looking for Giant size go elsewhere. I have been breeding for thirty years and have found out breeders that breed for just size tend to have unhealthy dogs. .Not to mention most have smaller dogs then I but just exagerate alot !My dogs are far above standard but pushing the breed to hugely over the standard is only possible with heavy inbreeding.(this is why so many breeders won't give registration papers to you)Nearly every breeder that breeds the old -fashioned shepherds started with my lines or has my lines in them, but note many are doing a poor job in keeping the line healthy. Size should be secoundary to health and temper. Aways look for FINAL OFA's as well prelims should only be used for dogs under 2..

Please excuse the spelling & or grammar on this site .I am very dyslexic and find it almost impossible to edit my self , I update and write things all the time so my helpers cannot keep up with all I write if you see a page that is bad please email me that page. this site after 20 years of writing & research has made my sight very large and I have missed many pages.

call 641-990-9901..EMAIL:

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How do I purchase a puppy ? Price/shipping & seeing my dogs/ worming and vaccinations

Females are $1400 males $2200 picked up here. last pick options on females sometimes available for 1000.

Deposit (non-refundable)

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Price generally for males is 2200 females start at 1400 if you can pick up your dog here.


Instuction for the most imprtant part of training

My litters I have now or expected soon are between blue lines.


Dont forget to order your NUvet vitamins I will have some to give you but please call so you have some before your puppy gets homeNuVet Plus-Order code #64928 Phone #800-474-7044


Faylene to Levi - Born Jan 6th . Ready FEB 24th.. Both OFA good, super calm, laid back, sweet bidable tempers expected black and red colors, long coats possible.Hopefully these pups will be falco remaid very old lines indeed will have huge heads.. longevity, and justoverall beauty..FALCO..... Let me know if your ready in7 weeks and I will put a YES behind your name...shipping March 1st.. & 3rd If your shipping mail your payment asap!!

Male 1...Samantha McGaughran..YES.ship to PA (PIF)..Female 1....Jack Miller. choose online comming the 25th.YES

Female 2....Michelle La Roux (1400)PIF..YEScomming the 23rd

Female 3...Chris and Patty Larson -long coat..YES pick up the 25th

Female 4. Tiffany Lu. (PIF)ship to LAX the 3rdYES

female 5...Rebecca Ryan.YES...arrive the 26th to pick up

Faylene pups at 3 days........9day old..........two weeks old.....Three weeks....four weeks......five weeks.....

final pics and temper tests will be the 22nd final payment is due for people shipping !!


Silver Ivory..(prelim OFA good) SABER CGC. OFA good... Born January 7th... ready t go Feb 25th..11 pups, 6 boys 5 girls some are very small, may loose some.. very big litter ..let me know if your ready for a pup in 7.5 weeks and I will put a YES behind your name. shipping March 1st.. & 3rd If your shipping mail your payment asap!!

Male 2....Steve and Julie Vanderlinden.(PIF) pick up the 22nd..YES........male 1....Shelly libby- YES breeder spot

Male 3...leanne lusk..YES.ship florisa tallahassy..(PIF)...Female 1...Stephonie Williams..pick up the 24 4:30 5 PMYES

Male 4..Dennis Prindle..pick 24th mid amYES..Female 2..Terry Estiban..(ship to atlanta) on the 3rd... YES

male 5.Dan davilla..YES..shiping corpus christy tx.Female 3.....Pam Shecter..ship to philly.(PIF)YES

Male.....Logan Garrett.YES.shipping to sandiago CA..6....YES .......Female 4...Charles Godwin.YES(PIF)ship Atlanta, GA

female 5....donna moniot ..YES pick up the 4th

Silver pups at 2 days...... one week old......two weeks old.........three weeks old......four weeks......five weeks.....

a pile of silvers! final pics and temper tests will be the 22nd final payment is due for people shipping !!

black and silver german shepherds puppies


Lucy to Freedom .. spring 2017 Born Jan 29th 6, 5 males , 1 female...Should be ready to go..around March and reds large and laid back... all short coats..Let me know if your ready for a pup in 7 wks and I will put a YES.behind your name..

male1... breeder YES...female 1...Karen Horn..YES .

male 2.... Jill Guzzo ....YES

male 3....Russ Harvey...YES.

male 4...Gary and Beth Heus...YES ..

male 5....Tawny Tyler YES .. brian doughty for any backout.

pups at day two......pups at one week......pups at 2 weeks.........lucy pup at 3wks.....

black and red


Nova(OFA fair)to Blade(OFA good)BORN FEB 4th...9 pups 5 males 4 females...5 black and silvers. 4 sables.. ready t go around March 22nd...Let me know if your ready for a pup in 7 weeks and I will put a YES behind your name

male 1....Breeder (randy rice).YES.....female 1..Dara Mccully..YES.

male 2...Orton Porter .YES......female 2....Brian Police...YES..

Male 3....Kim Wice(700).YES.......female 3...Vera Gorbunova YES. dm test.

male 4..Beth Revis..YES....Female 4..megan menard (75).YES.pick up the 26th.

male 5...Angie Koher (last pick option)YES..

NOVA day 2.......Nova pups 5 days......nova pups 2wks......




My breeders Pledge:

I will never breed two DM carroirs together or any dog who tested AT RISK

I will always prelims OFA and do final OFA's by age three at the latest,I will show all results(good or bad)on the dogs webpage-so you don't have to ask or wonder if I am telling the truth.(Aprox 50% of breeders who say the OFA actually do not! if its not on thier websight ask for copies)

if I choose an outcross male who the owner has not done OFA's or DM I will clearly state that.(this is sometimes necessary as so few people OFA or dm test, And outcrossing alot is imparative)

I will never breed an adult dog who is too hyper or agressive for a normal family and will try to always breed puppies to be sucessful in the Normal family home.

I will never repeat a breeding(same mother & father) that has had two known genetic issues in the last litter.

I will never breed a female beyond 6 years of age or a male beyond 8.(most of my females retire by 4to5 years)

(congenital disease in puppies double in older parent dogs, it's much better to start young and end young!)

I will always honor my written contract.


Need a Dog Trainer in Iowa? I highly reccomend !

Grinnell /Newton/ Marshalltown Area :

Jennee Stalzer CMP, Obedience Classes Puppy Beginner, Advanced 4H and Private lessons

Classes are held year round..641-485-5350. email:

Facebook :





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