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See Upcoming Litters: Or see Older dogs or puppies for sale

Please note of your just looking for Giant size go elsewhere. I have been breeding for thirty years and have found out breeders that breed for just size tend to have unhealthy dogs. .My dogs are far above standard but pushing the breed to hugely over the standard is only possible with heavy inbreeding.(this is why so many breeders won't give registration papers to you)Nearly every breeder that breeds the old -fashioned shepherds started with my lines, but note many are doing a poor job in keeping the line healthy. Size should be secoundary to health and temper.

Please excuse the spelling & or grammar on this site .I am very dyslexic and find it almost impossible to edit my self , I update and write things all the time so my helpers cannot keep up with all I write if you see a page that is bad please email me that page. this site after 20 years of writing & research has made my sight very large and I have missed many pages.

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Visitors always welcome! close places to stay

How do I purchase a puppy ? Price/shipping & seeing my dogs/ worming and vaccinations

$100 dollar upfront discount for military past and present -thankyou for your service.

My Guarantee (everyone must sign) ..(electronic copy for shippers)just past intio and email and sign electronically or print and send with deposit..


why a guarantee ?

See my You Tube Page with all my dogs and family

parent dogs are OFA hips/elbows and tested for DM so 100% of royalair puppies should be DM free

& 98 % of dogs for the last ten years have been free of HD!

DM explanation of DNA testing

Already born LITTERS BETWEEN THE BLUE LINES (Available listed n red)


Video from a vet please watch.......... Dogs proven to help kids have less allergies and illness!


.Riley to Freedom.....Large black and Tans expected..Born March 21st 6 big babies 3 males and 3 females Let me know if your ready for a pup in 7.5 weeks and I will put a YES behind your name.... Rirement for Riley in Fall this yeaREADY TO GO THE 9TH SHIPPING WILL BE THE 15TH...

Male 1....Breeder...YES.............Female 1...Breeder...YES

Male ..2..Heidi Ensley..YES. pick up the 13th 1 pm (health cert needed).........Female 2..Ann Wilson..YES

Male .3.Pace winstead.. Ship toNew Bern , North Carolina  code EWN  . or willimingtonNC..YES....Female 3...Ralph Hamblin..YES


... Riley babies at one week........Riley pups 2wks..........pups at 3wks... 4 weeks old.........


Willow .. was bred to Blade.... Born March 10th ! Ready to go April 28th 4- boys and 4 Girls They are in Marshalltown with Waynell for all unsold puppies contact Waynell at lighter tans will look alot like DARBY and the silvers alot like blade. WE neem all to pick up May 2nd if at all possible !

Male 1..Lori Tomelson..YES.the 27th PM at waynells.(paid in full)......Female 1.....Elizabeth Snider and Bill walters..YES..pick up may 2nd 11:30 - 12 AM

Male 2...Goe Garry...YES.. 8 am on the 2nd.....Female 2...Jan Green..YES

Male 3...Gary At wood .YES...AM ....Female 3... Travis and lisa block..YES(waynell)

Male 4....Ray Simmons...YES.(waynell). .....Female 4....Kenny Chriswell..

Puppies at two days old..........Pups at one week............Pups at two weeks...........pups at three weeks........Pups at 4 week...puppies at 6 weeks ....

Dont forget to order your NUvet vitamins I will have some to give you but please call so you have some before your puppy gets home

NuVet Plus-Order code #64928 phone # 800-474-7044


Echo to.Levi ..Echo had her babies early on March 1st..Ready to go in april...24TH. 5 boys 6 girls.. shipping will be the 27th all people shipping need to pay in full asap!

Male 1....Breeder...YES..(green Male)...Female 1.Green/ Blue & Green/Orange Chosen...

Male 2....Denise and Lisa Randolph..YES.(long coat Male chosen).the 25th 10am......Female 3....Rhonda Cook (blue yellow)-\shipping charlestown wv yeager the 27th YES (Paid in full)

Male 3.....sherry springer(Paid in full).BLue Male ship to denver the 27th.YES.............Female 4..Jenny W. and Karl N.comming .the 24th am..YES

Male 4...PATRIC RYan.Pick up the 23rd.RED Male.YES.Female 5... Linda Mahony..(paid in full).YES Ship to San Antonio texas the 27th

Male 5..Lisa Castillo &Todd Johanson.pick up around noon..23rd.YES ....Female 6....Tori Schlereth..Comming the 25th noonish..YES

Pups at 5 days old.............pups at 2wks............pups at 3wks...........Pups at 4 wks.......Pups at 5wks..

Final photo's and temper tests......Video's: Red collar Boy.......Orange Yellow girl........Yellow Green Girl.....Blue Male.......

Yellow Boy.........Blue yellow Girl......Orange red Girl......


weeks 15th or 16th But here are some causual 5 6 wk old shots to hold you over ! WILL JUST PUT UP THE PUPS NOT CHOSEN AS it take for ever to load photo's and video's!


Dont forget to order your NUvet vitamins I will have some to give you but please call so you have some before your puppy gets home

NuVet Plus-Order code #64928 phone # 800-474-7044



Dont forget to order your NUvet vitamins I will have some to give you but please call so you have some before your puppy gets home

NuVet Plus-Order code #64928 phone # 800-474-7044



Long coat male of 3/4 same lines long coat will look very much like him this male is OFA excellent duke son 31" 140 lbs ! some of these pups are long coat and they will look very much like him both the male and females the pups will be redder then him as a general rule..

long coat male... another long coat out of dukelong coat german shepherds



Letter recieved today :)

Well tyson (blade /treasure )litter turns 1 this week and he is one big boy  so far. he was at the vet this week for a nail trim and they weighed and measured him he is 118.3lbs and 31 1/2 inches and hunter (duke /hazel ) litter is 127lbs and 30inches at 17 months they are happy, funny,smart,and beatuiful . they love love love to play in the snow. When we take them for walks they strut like the world is looking at them.(and most people do cuz of their size )again we cant thank you enough for our boys Connie Ganow

below is a dark patterned like the female,and the males will be a little lighter


Need a Dog Trainer in Iowa? I highly reccomend !

Tonja Osborn
Canine Training By Mystic Moon, Inc.
515 / 287-4809


sold puppies page.... NONe here


Duke 31" at the shoulder and a lean 130 lbs.

..carting gsd



We have decided we would love to have one of your girl pups from Riley and Duke, both of whom are very beautiful dogs. Please apply our initial $350.00 deposit to the new pup. We always look forwards to spring and will have even more reason next year now that we have a new baby girl dog coming to join our family.

Kuruk is doing wonderfully. He weights right at 130 pounds, is incredibly gentle, is loved by everyone and does everything we ask of him. He is everything we wanted and more. I've attached a picture taken last Jun when he was about 18 months old. As you can see, he is a big boy.


Ray & Mary Cooper
Stafford VA.

Kurkuk is Rain/kody


new pics of duke and a video Below duke/ cross of silver mark and kody lines.

Dukes brother big german shepherds her letter she sent with pic below

Jackson. Polly your lines most four. Best dog ever. 32 height. 150 lean pounds. Calm smart loving fun. Looks like duke. Irena M.


huge german shepherd..


Video clip



dog info only below the line

Are you buying a puppy? Please, please subscribe to these FREE on line mailers. They weekly focus on foods and supplements in the dog industry, companies will often not recall because it is voluntary, seldom does the government step in .Hundreds of dogs die daily because of the hush hush in these companies. A breeder knows, as all their dogs get sick, but when you take a single dog in for kidney/liver failure its just that.. they never connect it to the food, but much the time it is what you are putting into your dog.

why do you need these publications? 2010 recalls- 2011......and these are just the voluntary ones

Tick disease explosion.

Ticks transmit a large number of diseases including Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, relapsing fever, ehrlichiosis, tularemia, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and tick paralysis. Only three can be tested for...Rapid kill or prevention of attachment and feeding is important in the prevention of tick transmitted diseases. Research is needed to determine exact transmission times of the various diseases from ticks however, killing ticks within 24-48 hours is generally stated for preventing disease transmission. Remember most spot ons- take 48 hours to kill a tick often longer! spotons do not prevent these diseases in total .. These are very hard to treat and are often life long struggles for your dog. maps of the us where it is very prevelent..

explosian of tick disease...NO cure for most of them 18 % of dogs now carry at least one tick disease.

Note: Many dogs do not test positive untill disease if very progressed or not at all.. give 30 days antibiotics regardless of test results! Breeders Know often just a few dogs test positives but all the dogs have symtoms! Also tests only for three of the 7 known diseases.




Would you vaccinate your child with the exact same vaccine every year of his/her life? Hmmm it's all about the money see below

I vaccinate once every three years after puppy immunity shots have done this for 10+ years now. I do not use spot on's or chemical insecticides on adults or puppies this is the main reason I have so many dogs in the 13 club! long life starts with eliminating insecticide use.




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