"The men of Royalair "Big, old style German Shepherds with straight backs, big heads,longevity, and laid back family style tempers . Size is secoundary to Temperament & Health Always.....I have had the smaller german show lines in the past... all the top lines..for many years and never got one to live past the age of ten. Their frenzied personalities seemed to burn them out quicker. My current line lives to an average of 11-14 years. To see why I think this is with proof on wild canine age.. see my this page ....pasttopresent.htm... and see why woves that average 145lbs live 3X as long as a fox who weighs 10 lbs.

I answer ALL my emails with in 24 hours so if you do not hear back call me! emails for me often do not come though.. either from my sever or yours

phone number: 641-990-9901 email :

Reference sire's.. these dogs are parents and grandparents of most of my dogs

I have 5 breeders I work with right here in Iowa, and many in other states. If you're a breeder let me know; I am happy to mentour people or get people started on the path of responsible breeding.

***********RETIRED AND FOUNDATION DOGS FIRST*****************

Genetically tested AND Obedience titled.

As with any breeder, check the certificates for proof of OFA or Penn-Hip. If it is not there on the websight, they may not actually OFA!Look for pedigrees, because hiding a pedigree is a often a clear sign of dishonesty! I have been fooled OVER and OVER, even by people I thought I knew well... just because it says they OFA or Penn-hip on the websight does not mean they do.. I would say as many as 30% who say they OFA actually do not. Always ask to see the certificate & pedigree or get the number! Why buy from a breeder who starts with a lie?


DUKE BELOW MY FOUNDATION.. was 32"135 lbs OFA excellent CGC, TDI

big german shepherd dog....

Michelle 11, Patches (Pony) 1, Melissa 10, Guinea Pig 6 months, Duke 16 months - animals and kids together in the house PRICELESS :)

DUKE will live on in his sons and daughters.He passed away spring 2019.


Royalair's Silver Saber: C.G.C.A. titled, and working on more! Also a Certified Therapy dog !

Saber is a very rare large black and silver. Big SWEET GSD, you won't find a more loving temper and a dog that is OFA GOOD hips and Elbows DM clear./normal, Cadiac Normal

more willing to do anything for you..super smart...and is the ultamate escape artist !

(Proudly bred BY Royalair ) He has No long coat factor

Big large huge black and silver german shepherds

$1200 stud fee...Frozen semen is available from SABER frozen 1000

Royalair's Silver Saber: click on the link for more on saber.



Steadfast's- Royalair's Silver Struck CGC.

Good hips, Normal elbows, DM clear.

at 3 years , 30+" and 120 lbs at this time.This boy is gonna be big look at that head already !

His grandparents are Blade/Ziva and Duke/Treasure !All the greats:)

Pen -Hip 90th percentile "good" and prelim elbows normal.Dm normal.

Silver sable,carries for white and long coat. click on his picture or name for more about him.

very large silver sable german shepherds

Steadfast's- Royalair's Silver Struck click on the link for more on styker

stud fee 1200... fresh chilled semen

1000 Frozen.....


Royalair's Captain Cooper Sully C.G.C.

Pen hip "good" elbows normal, dm Normal deep black and red. Just a young guy yet

but looking forward for puppies next year all my lines.

black and red  german shepherds


Royalair's Captain Cooper Sully click on the link for more on cooper

FROZEN SEMAN 1000 + shipping

Fresh chilled 1200 + shipping



CO-Owned, or Other males I use are below this line, these are males I use of my lines but they do not live here with me. I do have other males I use as well if I use them I will make a page for them.

They live with their families for most of the year and will not see them while visiting here. There are very few stud dogs who actually stay with me.


BIG RIG in Montana

Freedom son all Rpyalair by bloodline.. Good hips, DM normal

large massive male

large black and tan german shepherds





Royalair's Blue Ghost

Logan X misty - he is a blue german shepherd..

Hips are excellent! elbows normal dm normal

Standing at stud in Iowa city, Iowa

large blue german shepherds



Royalair's True Freedoms Logan

Proudly bred by Royalair

stud fee 800+ shipping frozen or fresh chilled 1000+ shipping

Logan is a Freedom son who carries for blue and liver, OFA good hips and elbows on prelims and DM normal, his colors come from clear cda lines as well...I see a great future for this man , He is on a co ownership in the indianola area. And just look at those lovely eye's pictures are at a year of age.



Stud fee 1200 $ Frozen

Freedom "Duke/ Justice son" (Living with the Conradi's)

Proudly bred by Royalair

Freedom is a BIG dog at 30+" and 150 lbs at 4 years old.OFA good hips,G1 elbows, N/N for DM. You won't find a bigger shepherd that is not overweight then this guy. His temper is what makes him special though, outgoing, solid as a rock, friendly and trainable, Brave with out being hard headed. Perfect in nearly every way 3/4 Royalair by line.Proudly bred By Royalair. appears to have no long coat factor

large german shepherds for sale

$1200 stud fee...Frozen semen is available from Freedom

contact Theresa at Clear Creek Orchard <> for his stud service.


Royalair's White Arrow's Ghost (ShelbyX Arrow) Big boy 32.5 " 135lbs northern Iowa standing at stud AI only

He is a CREAM shepherd DM normal excellent hips..should carry for coat..

huge white german shepherds



Royalair's Blaise

DM Normal excellent hips and elbows 32" 150 lbs excellent temper

large calm german shepherd



Royalair's Guns and Roses.. excellent hips normal elbows, dm normal

red tri color sable..31" 125 lbs of solid muscle- Proudly bred by Royalair

Co owned in Missouri--- at stud south of Kansas city MO ....stud fee is 1000


huge tri color sable german shepherds for sale



Royalair's Sharps Gunner ..OFA good , dm Normal levi son duke grandson big boy at 125 lbs


Royalair's HiloTown Dallas, CGC, BH. Dallas is out of Royalair's Duke and Riley.


Royalair's HiloTown Dallas, CGC, BH. Dallas is out of Royalair's Duke and Riley. I have his pedigree back to 1895. He has both Silver Mark and Falco lines. Dallas is very smart earning his Canine Good Citizen at 7 months and BH Title at 2 years. He is a "take anywhere" dog.  He is calm, focused and motivated/easy to train.  He is Personal Protection Trained and always on mark. At the same time, Dallas loves and is docile with all children; frail adults and small animals. He loves to work and also excels at scent work and swimming and puts his whole head underwater. Dallas is a plush coat with beautiful markings and low shedding. He is 31 inches at the shoulder and 125lbs at 4 years old. 


Katherine Perez

910.777.8468 at stud in North Carolina



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