Royalair's Pandamonium AKA (Panda) Pen-hip (excellent) and OFA elbows & Dm are normal.

PANDA- Embark test

Panda is a sweet, outgoing girl of medium/high energy and has extreme panda like eye circles hence her name (wolf mask) she also may have blue puppies as her mother is my wonderful powder blue Misty... Panda is a big girl at two years of age she is 90 lbs and 26" at the shoulder. she carries for blue and white, but is doniment for black and tan/red so most of her pups will be that color. and she has her daddys BIG head....Her hips andelbows are excellent.. see pen hip and OFA below..




This is Mom and dad below dad is huge 31" and 140 lbs

MOM ofa good hips and elbowslarge black and tan german shepherd Dad OFA Good, Huge fellow at 140 lbs


Panda carries for white .... and has strong tri color gene.