Melissa's Piggie Barn

Location: Grinnell, Iowa just 60 miles from Des moines & Iowa city 75 miles from Cedar Rapids

45 miles from Marshalltown and Oskaloosa.. (delivery to desmoines is normally fine we go alot.)

You can call me "MOM" (Robin) for information on the cavy's for sale 641-990-9901

4H email please use this email

Cavy's for sale now Page

Dressup your guineapig!!!!



Cavy's for sale now Page

Pedigree's With photo's of Melissa's Adult piggy's


Melissa's Peruvians shipped in from Texas! very pricey piggies!

.. a baby peruvian

Above is MJ at 10 weeks he looks like two differnt pigs he is cream on one side and aguiti on the other.

....long haired guinea pigs for sale in the mid west abbyruvian aprox. coat length



Lissa with MJ her boar at 6 months old peruvian..

long haired guinea pigs

long haired guinea pigs for sale..a purebred peruvian in full coat. most people keep them at middle coat level so gromming is little more worry then a short coated. medium length is lovely and it does not tangle or mat (it feels very solft/silkie .MJ above is kept at a medium coat he is trimmed every 3 to 6 months or so. keeping the peruvians for us has seemed no harder then a regular piggy.


Melissa now has one show quality Tan american pig.

show quality tan guinea pig..tan pig american for sale

guiena pigs for sale....he won grand champion at the county fair and several BOB's

at acba shows he is a champion pig !


informational pages & links about piggy's:

Types of Guinea pigs

Cavy club of America

Keeping two males together works well.

Buying a pig from a big box petsmart, petco


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