Royalair's Silver Angel this is angel at a little over one year of age. She came a visiting in the back of dads truck her favorite place!

Her hip and elbow prelims are rated as Good for hips normal for elbows

finals are in ahe is OFA good hips normal elbows from OFA below

black and silver


huge black and silver femalethis is a 120 lbs silver mark line bred girl! yes she is a girl! I hope to breed her to Silver mark to reproduce this wonderdul line before it is gone, mark is very near retirement. And is one of the very few "if any" black and silver german shepherds that can produce this bulk and size any more.And not to mention OFA excellent hips! this female is the same line breeding as duke and silver. and their pups

silver's pups from her first litter

white german shepherd puppy for sale...white male 10 and silver german shepherd puppies for sale black and silver male 8 wks

Huge black and silver german shepherd male for sale a cream son of duke at 9 months and silver half sister. already over 100 lbs


 black and silver large male germanb shepherd duke/ silver son in italy a large black and silver male att 2 years old ..owners letter below

I just wanted to email you some pictures of Titan in Italy where he will be living for the next 3 years.

 He is very sweet and loves everyone he meets.  Yet to show any aggression to anyone, even other dogs.

 I have a 9 month old son that he plays with, no issues.  My son can even take toys out of Titan's mouth with Titan doing nothing.  Titan will take toys from my son and is very gentle when he does it.

 No issues, just working to get him to stop jumping which is his only fault.

 Attachment one is Titan with me and my son in the Italian Alps.  Attachment two is Titan alone in the Italian Alps.  Attachment three is me an Tital overlooking the valley where Lake Barcis is.

 The Jacks in Italy.

black and silver german shepherds for sale

Hi Robin heres a few shots of CC and Rico. CC is a Dark Knight/Silver Angel girl and Rico is a Kodiak/Riley boy. They are doing great, CC recently had her puppies and she has taken to motherhood amazingly. We constantly get coments and compliments, our vet has owned German Shepherds his whole life and says our two are a remarkable representation of the breed. I hope your litter does well and thanks for the advice earlier today. Its nice to hear a friendly voice for advice rather than the if you dont know you shouldnt be involved type commentary that is so very helpful. Thanks agian for these guys they are awesome.

Hi Robin,

I hope all is well. We wanted to check in with you and see what you do when your dogs 'sprain' a paw. Jake seems to always injure his front left paw and he did so again while running with his dog friends. We've been icing (when he lets us) as well as kennel resting him. I have a appointment with the doctor next week but in the meantime I was wondering if there is anything that you give your dogs or whatever tips you may have.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Jake's temperament is amazing and people comment on him and adore him. He LOVES children and his world is crushed if he's not allowed to run and play with Sam and all the neighborhood kids. He's very attentive to the.children who appear to be quiet and shy and makes sure that they are never left alone. He is AMAZING and we cannot thank you enough for hBIG BLACK AND SILVER im.

A Silver/Duke puppy born last Aug. She is silly, smart,loving and beautiful. Loves playing ball and swimming. We love her! People stop their cars in the street to look at her. Your dogs are the best. Deb Webber

black and cream female



ofa german shepherd

ofa german shepherd